Welcome to the Hope Rains Foundation

Working Towards Securing Livelihood

We are a non-profit organization established in the Kenema Eastern Region, Sierra Leone, West Africa.


We are a faith-based school located in Ngolala, Upper Banta area of Sierra Leone, West Africa.

By the grace of our Father, Jesus Christ, we have been blessed and taken care of by many people of the community and generous donators who help keep our cause strong.

We currently have 500 students and growing thanks to the generosity of many. We aim to take care of, educate, clothe, and build strong faith in the many students we have in the upcoming years.
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Our Inter-House Sport activities give all students an opportunity to participate athletic activities such as soccer, marching, music, and more with the aim of building up our students for leadership and teamwork. This enriches the experiences of the school for all our wonderful students. The Inter-House sports activities aid with our mission: citizenship, sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork, respect, health, and welfare. These are crucial skills and mindsets that will be engrained well into their adulthood lives.

All students of YAHWEH INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY (YIA) School are encouraged to get involved sporting activities to enhance their personal growth and development. All class levels mixed in different houses can compete alongside and against each other. Highly skilled and talented students can challenge and teach each other to achieve excellence and winning important goals. The school celebrates their successes at the end of our annual Inter-House Sports program. 


Values are the essential ingredient of YIA Sports. We look to set clear strategic, measurable goals to grow students to their highest potential.

These are our values for the YIA:

1. To develop self-esteem, motivation & discipline.
2. To maintain a contractual high level of academic performance.
3. To provide individuals with crucial life skills so they may take up their roles in society as citizens.
4. To develop athletes’ skills in their chosen sport to an elite level which identify& promote each athlete’s maximum potential so they may operate in excellence throughout their life.

These skills are invaluable and will remain with students beyond the school sports field. They are critical in producing the cultured, energetic, and responsible young men & women our community & our country deserves.
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The global pandemic we known as the covid-19 (coronavirus) has completely disrupted and put a halt on many of our operations and people's day to day lives. The lockdowns our government have mandated are preventing us from properly sourcing materials and resources for mask, food, and water. We are desperately trying to make ends meet but it's becoming more of an uphill battle. Production has slowed down most of the market. We have created a video to help understand us better.
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